Services We Offer

Groundworks Construction provides full landscape design, construction, and drainage services for residential and commercial properties throughout the Lower Mainland. Our expertise includes:

Landscape Design

Our in-house landscape architect has years of experience in landscape design and would be enthused to help turn your dreams into reality. We are fully capable of providing full concept drawings, construction documents, and technical specifications that are often required by municipalities for development and building permit applications. Our extensive network of resources allows us to provide you with valuable consultations on all aspects of landscape design and construction such as plant material selections, furniture design, and other custom made garden features.

Garden Installation/ Landscape Construction

Our construction crew is highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of landscape construction. We have completed many prestigious residential landscape construction projects for clients throughout the Lower Mainland, but always look forward to meeting new challenges. We are fully capable of taking on each construction project from the initial phase, such as demolition work, all the way to the end: final completion. Our crew takes great pride on the quality of their work and always strives to do the best job possible.


Landscape Maintenance

Landscaping work is never truly finished. Various life forms such as plants in every garden naturally evolve over time and need a degree of maintenance. Groundworks provides landscape maintenances services to ensure that your garden remain in good health all year round. After construction work have been completed, our in-house horticulturists often return to the site to provide gardening services such as pruning, fertilizing, mowing, and replanting.

Retaining Walls, Natural Stone Pathways, Patios, Driveways, and Custom Fencing

We are experts in building unique retaining walls and natural stone surfaces. All you have to do is let us know what you desire or we can provide valuable ideas, but ultimately, we can build just about anything up to the highest standards.


Excavation and Bobcat Services

Are you a General Contractor and require an Excavator or Bobcat to complete a specific task on your job site? Groundworks can supply you with these machines plus a full time operator. Please contact us for our daily rates.



Drainage and Camera Inspections

The Lower Mainland’s high average annual rainfall rate makes it extremely important for every home or commercial property owner to maintain a fully functional drainage system. Groundworks can provide underground camera and x-ray inspection services to examine your drainage systems and diagnose any problem.

Emergency 24 Hours Services

Problems in the landscape can arise at any time, especially in the winter season. Groundworks provide emergency services such as snow clearing and drainage repair. Please let us know the nature of your emergency and we can be there for the rescue.