About groundworks

Groundworks Construction is a full service and diversified landscape firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia. With many completed high profile projects throughout the Lower Mainland, our expertise lies in residential and commercial landscape construction. We direct and synchronize all of our clients' needs and take each project from conception to completion, and beyond.

Our initial work on a property is focused on understanding the design intent, our client's needs, and the specific requirements of the landscape. With these factors in mind, we ensure that each project, be it macro or micro, receives focused attention to detail until completion.

The following is the process that we follow consistently in each project:

We have discovered that the best results emerge from a thoughtful and collaborative process that begins with an in-depth understanding of our clients' goals, needs and wishes. We also know that every single landscape project requires specific but varying strategies. However, the principals in which we operate by follow the same fundamental processes:

1) Assessment

We first assess your desires for your landscape through constant communication. If you have already retained a landscape designer or landscape architect, we would work with you to review the design plans, contract documents, and specifications to ensure that we fully understand your needs. We would then typically visit the project site with you to assess existing conditions and answer any question that you may have.

2) Cost Estimating/Quoting

After we have gained a full understanding of your needs, we would submit a price quote(s) with a detailed cost break down of all tasks that need to be completed. We would outline the approximate completion time line, amount of man-hours, type of materials, and machineries.

3) Project Execution/Mobilization

After a contract has been signed, we would begin mobilizing our machines and construction crew into the project site. During this phase, we would work collaboratively with you and/or your representatives (i.e. landscape architects) by constantly providing updates on any site specific issue which typically arises in every landscape construction project.

4) Follow-ups

After the completion of each project, we continue to be in direct communication with our clients to ensure complete satisfaction and answer any pending question.

Please contact us for an estimate to begin creating your own quality landscape project.